Why Zero?

New Yorkers throw away almost a billion takeout containers every year.

Let's fix this.

takeout container garbage

DeliverZero containers are reusable over 1,000 times.

DeliverZero container reused 1000 times

That eliminates the emissions and waste from over 1,000 manufacturing processes.

graphic showing smoke stacks getting smaller over time

Even recycling generates untenable emissions

It uses 67% of the energy of virgin-material manufacturing — because of the demands of processing and re-manufacturing. Only a reuse system like DeliverZero eliminates all downstream production emissions.

Reuse also saves tremendous transportation energy. Single-use containers travel long distances from factory to restaurant to customer to dump. DeliverZero containers circulate locally among restaurants and diners, usually just within one neighborhood.

graphic showing loop between chefs and diners

DeliverZero containers are certified by NSF International.

NSF is the independent public-health organization that certifies the cooking equipment used by restaurant kitchens.

Look for the NSF logo on DeliverZero containers. Or look up our containers on NSF's website, under manufacturer G.E.T. Enterprises, Inc., products EC-07-1, EC-11-1, and EC-13-1.

nsf logo

DeliverZero containers are free to use.

Just return the containers within 6 weeks.

3 green plastic deliverzero containers with food in them

DeliverZero containers are safe and 100% BPA-free.

Let's do this, New York.

Let's fix takeout.