Colombia in Park Slope

376 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238
Authentic, country and haute Colombian fare.
Aperitivos (Appetizers)
  1. $9.00
    Three flour empanadas with your choice of beef, chicken, shrimp, mixed vegetables or sweet plantain with cheese.
  2. $9.00
    Corn Empanadas / Empanadas de Maiz
    Three corn-flour empanadas with your choice of filling.
  3. $5.00
    Arepa con Queso
    Griddle white corn cake with melted fresh Colombian cheese. Vegetarian.
  4. $5.00
    Arepa de Choclo con Queso
    Sweet corn griddle cake with melted fresh Colombian cheese. Vegetarian.
  5. $12.00
    Guacamole con Tiras de Platano a la Mesa
    Mashed avocado mixed with cilantro, onions, tomatoes and peppers. Served mild, medium or hot with green plantains. Vegetarian. Note: chips may be served in one-time-use paper bag.
  6. $7.00
    Madurito con Queso
    Fried sweet plantain with Colombian fresh cheese. Vegetarian.
  7. $13.00
    Ceviche de Camaron
    Shrimp ceviche marinated in our special herbs and lime juice. Served with sliced green plantains.
  8. $8.00
    Mini Empanadas
    Eight mini corn-flour empanadas with your choice of filling.
  9. $19.00
    Appetizer Sampler
    Includes a shareable platter of beef, chicken or vegetable empanadas served with chorizo, green plantains, guacamole and a mini corn cake.
  10. $16.00
    Pizza de Patacon
    Green plantain-based pizza style served with mixed green salad with shrimp, Colombian sausage, chicharron or vegetables.
Ensaladas (Salads)
  1. $13.00
    Ensalada Cesar con Pollo
    Caesar salad. A classic mix of romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, croutons, olive oil, house dressing and grilled chicken breast.
  2. $14.00
    Ensalada de Camarones
    Grilled crispy tasty shrimp salad with mixed green lettuce and house dressing.
  3. $7.00
    Ensalada Verde de la Casa
    Mixed green salad. An irresistible mix of fresh crisp romaine lettuce, green vegetables and our delicious pimiento rojo house dressing.
  4. $12.00
    Ensalada de Aguacate
    Avocado salad with mixed greens, tomato, onions and our delicious pimiento rojo house dressing.
  5. $12.00
    Ensalada Campestre
    Green salad mezculi with walnuts, peanuts, green plantains strips, red beets, apple and bathed in blackberry house sauce.
Sopas (Soups)
  1. $7.00
    Consomme de Pollo
    A tasty twist on our house chicken consomme soup with vegetables, herbs and spices. Served with rice.
  2. $6.00
    Sopa de Frijol Negro
    Tasty delicious creamy black bean soup.
  3. $14.00
    Ajiaco Sopa
    Creamy shredded chicken potato soup with cilantro, corn on the cob, capers and guascas. Served with rice and avocado.
  4. $15.00
    Sancocho de Costilla
    Beef rib potato soup with corn on the cob, yuca, green plantain and cilantro. Served with rice and salad.
Especiales De Casa (House Specialties)
  1. $19.00
    Bandeja Paisa
    Colombia's country paisa platter. Delicious and flavorful large dish served with rice under an over-easy egg, beans, sweet plantain, crispy chicharron, grilled thin steak and a small arepa.
  2. $20.00
    Entrana Asada
    Grilled sizzling skirt steak platters. A mouthwatering juicy tender delicious skirt steak with salad, rice, salad, beans and yuca (cassava)
  3. $16.00
    Milanesa de Res
    Breaded steak. Thin, seasoned marinated tasty breaded steak. Served with rice, beans, salad and a sweet plantain.
  4. $17.00
    Chuleta de Cerdo en Salsa de Tamarindo
    Center-cut pork chop marinated in a tamarind sauce. Served with rice, beans, fried sweet plantain and dilled onions.
  5. $17.00
    Bistec a la Criolla
    Steak in Creole sauce. Flavorful palomilla steak cooked in our own Creole sauce made with red onions, tomatoes and red peppers. Served with salad, rice, beans and boiled potatoes.
  6. $19.00
    Planchas con Tostones y Aguacate
    Marinated sizzling strips of steak, chicken or shrimp topped with sauteed onions, green peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms. Served with a side dish of tostones, guacamole, diced onions, tomatoes and rice.
  7. $22.00
    Carne Asada y Camarones al Aguardiente
    Aguardiente shrimp and grilled steak platter. Succulent juicy shrimp flamed with aguardiente and tender juicy shell steak marinated in our special house spices and served with rice and green plantains.
  8. $23.00
    Picada Colombiana
    Traditional marinated deep golden fried crispy tasty platter consisting of chunks of steak, pork ribs, chicharron, chorizo, morcilla, cassava, green plantains, potatoes and a small corn cake.
  9. $30.00
    Parillada Colombia
    Grilled shrimp, juicy tender sirloin, grilled marinated chicken breast, chorizo, shrimp and arepa. Served with green salad and rice.
  10. $19.00
    Churrasco a la Plancha
    Grilled sirloin with rice, salad, beans and cassava.
  11. $19.00
    Carne Asada a la Cerveza
    Grilled shell steak marinated in Colombian beer, herbs and spices. Served with rice, beans and a salad.
  12. $20.00
    Pernil a la Cerveza
    Roasted pork topped with dilled onions. Served with rice and sweet plantain.
  13. $15.00
    Planchas Vegeterianas
    Sizzling platter of sauteed onions, green peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms. Served with a side dish of tostones, guacamole, sour cream, diced onions, tomatoes and rice. Vegetarian.
  14. $19.00
    Tilapia al Vapor en Hoja de Platano
    Steamed tilapia fillet marinated and wrapped in a plantain leaf, then steamed to perfection. The healthy dish is served with rice and sauteed vegetables.
Pollo (Chicken)
  1. $16.00
    Pechuga Asada
    Grilled marinated juicy chicken breast served with salad, rice, beans and french fries.
  2. $12.00
    Arroz con Pollo y Maduro
    Chicken rice. Enjoy this delicious flavorful plate of dark yellow rice mixed with shredded chicken breast and homemade red ripe tomato sauce. Served with an order of sweet plantains.
  3. $16.00
    Milanesa de Pollo
    Breaded chicken breast marinated with herbs and spices, then breaded with seasoned crumbs and fried to perfection. Served with salad, rice, beans and french fries.
  4. $16.00
    Pollo en Salsa de Champinones
    Bathed in a juicy creamy delicious mushroom sauce. This grilled chicken marinated chicken breast is served with a side of salad, rice, beans and sweet plantains.
Mariscos (Seafood)
  1. $19.00
    Camarones al Ajillo
    Succulent shrimp in garlic sauce. Delicious sauce made with garlic and cooking wine. Served with rice, green plantains and a side salad.
  2. $19.00
    Camarones Encocados
    Coconut shrimp. Flavorful shrimp platter made with a special creamy tasty coconut sauce. Served with salad, rice and green plantains.
  3. $20.00
    Salmon en Salsa de Mango
    Grilled Atlantic salmon marinated and bathed in our tasty homemade mango sauce. Delicious dish is served with rice and salad.
  4. $19.00
    Camarones Ardientes
    Spicy succulent shrimp bathed in our own homemade delicious spicy pimenton rojo sauce. The delicious plate is served with side order of salad, rice and green plantains. Spicy.
  5. $20.00
    Salmon Buenaventura
    Grilled Atlantic salmon with caramelized onions, diced peanuts, sesame seeds and sauteed vegetables. Served with rice and green plantains.
  6. $20.00
    Mojarra Frita
    Golden deep-fried crispy juicy flavorful porgy fish. Served with salad, rice and green plantains.
  7. $19.00
    Tilapia en Salsa de Coco
    Tilapia in coconut sauce. Delicious fillet is marinated in special herbs and spices, then cooked and bathed in our own creamy homemade coconut sauce. Served with a side order of salad, rice and green plantains.
Side Orders
  1. $5.00
  2. $5.00
  3. $5.00
    Papas Fritas
    French fries.
  4. $7.00
  5. $5.00
    Yuca Frita
    Fried Cassava.
  6. $5.00
    Fried sweet plantains.
  7. $5.00
    Fried green plantains.
  8. $6.00
    Papa Criolla
    Fried Colombian potatoes.
  9. $7.00
    Sliced avocado.
  10. $4.00
    Arepas de Maiz
    Corn cakes.
  11. $7.00
    Chorizo con Arepa
    Sausage with arepa.
  12. $7.00
    Pork skin.
Kids Menu
  1. $7.00
    Kid's Salchipapas
    French fries mixed with sliced hot dog.
Bebidas (Drinks)
  1. $5.00
    Jugo Natural
    Natural drink. May be served in one-time-use container.
  2. $2.00
    Served in one-time-use aluminum can.
  3. $2.50
    Soft Drink
    Served in one-time-use aluminum or paper.
  4. $2.00
    Colombian Supremo Coffee
    Served in disposable cup.
  5. $3.00
    Served in disposable cup.
  6. $3.50
    Served in disposable cup.
  7. $2.00
    Hot Chocolate
    Served in disposable cup.
Homemade Desserts
  1. $7.00
    Pastel Tres Leches
    Cake made with three milks.
  2. $7.00
    Flan de Coco
    Coconut Flan.
  3. $7.00
    Pudin de Pan
    Bread pudding.
  4. $7.00
    Crepas con ducle de leche.
    Crepes with dulce de leche.
  5. $7.00
    Crepas Tropicales
    Crepes with tropical fruits. Flamed in orange liquor.