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Reusable Container Service

Stop paying a 3-5% plastic tax per order.

  • Costs less than single-use
  • Show customers you care about the planet
  • Reduce your container costs to $0
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Save Money and Reduce Waste

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We’ll stock you with as many BPA-free, NSF-certified reusable containers as you need to get started, at no upfront cost.


We provide you with reusable containers for free.

Feel Good

Doing the right thing for the environment just feels good...especially when it saves you money and makes your customers happy.

Dirty, empty single-use to-go food containers.

Waste is a Climate Issue

Single-use packaging is designed to be used for a short period of time. After it’s thrown in the trash, it sits in a landfill emitting methane, goes into an incinerator, or ends up in nature. And of course, the increase in takeout due to the pandemic increased the amount of environmentally-damaging single-use packaging.


The Reuse Revolution

In order to create the best possible future for the planet, we need a better solution—fast. Reuse is that solution. In addition to reducing the amount of paper, plastic, and aluminum that ultimately ends up in landfills, reuse decreases the emissions that come with manufacturing and shipping single-use packaging.

Mexican food plated in DeliverZero reusable, to-go food containers.

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Why do customers love this product

Mohammad — Bombay Kabab

Every time an order goes out in a DeliverZero container, I save money. The savings add up more and more the longer I work with DeliverZero.

Spiro — Athena Mediterranean

Since day one, DeliverZero has shown they care about my business. They’re helping the planet, and they’re also helping restaurant owners like me save money.

Joy — Cheers Thai

I felt guilty about the amount of packaging waste created with every takeout order, but it felt like there was no solution. DeliverZero makes it easy for me to reduce waste.

Jonathan — Skyice Thai

For years, many customers have been asking us for no utensils, napkins, and extra sauces in their orders. Those customers are excited about the option to order in reusable containers.

Case Study: SkyIce Thai Food & Ice Cream

SkyIce saves money and gains valuable customers

Savings on Packaging

Every time SkyIce fulfills an order in our reusable containers, they save 65% on their packaging costs.

Savings Through our Marketplace

When SkyIce fulfills orders placed on the DeliverZero marketplace rather than other apps, they don’t pay any fee to use our containers. They pay a 10% commission on DeliverZero marketplace orders, which is lower than what they pay on other platforms.

Reduced Waste

By partnering with DeliverZero, SkyIce prevents over 2,000 single-use containers from entering the waste cycle every month.

Sticky Customers

SkyIce customers who order through the DeliverZero marketplace order from SkyIce an average of 2.7 times each month. Customers appreciate restaurants that make it easy for them to order in reusable containers.

We're all in this together.
When responsible customers support pioneering restaurants, we can solve takeout.


If you're a restaurant with questions, please call us at (516) 459-4898 or email

Join DeliverZero and show your community that you share their values. With DeliverZero, you will have a true partner that will:

  • Advertise for you
  • Save you money on takeout containers
  • Charge a fraction of what the big delivery companies take


If you want to see your favorite restaurants on DeliverZero, call them now and tell them to sign up. When you do, make sure to let them know that it doesn’t cost them extra. In fact, we help them make better margins on delivery orders. We provide them with reusable containers — saving them money on packaging costs — and we take a lower commission than other delivery companies.

Restaurants want to be a part of this solution -- but they need to hear that it helps their bottom line.

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