Become a DeliverZero Restaurant Partner

We're all in this together.
When responsible customers support pioneering restaurants, we can solve takeout.


If you're a restaurant and you want to sign up, call us at (516) 459-4898 or email

Join DeliverZero and show your community that you share their values. With DeliverZero, you will have a true partner that will:

  • Advertise for you
  • Save you money on takeout containers
  • Charge a fraction of what the big delivery companies take


If you want to see your favorite restaurants on DeliverZero, call them now and tell them to sign up. When you do, make sure to let them know that it doesn’t cost them extra. In fact, we help them make better margins on delivery orders. We provide them with reusable containers — saving them money on packaging costs — and we take a lower commission than other delivery companies.

Restaurants want to be a part of this solution -- but they need to hear that it helps their bottom line.

Meet our Partners

Meet just a few of our restaurant partners and the operators behind them.